Daegu Baby & Kids Fair 2024

Daegu Baby & Kids Fair 2024

07.03.2024 - 10.03.2024 Daegu, South Korea, Daegu Exhibition Convention Centre (EXCO)
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Overview interest facts - Daegu Baby & Kids Fair 2024

Baby & Kids Fair features a display of various baby & maternity products and equipment like Pregnancy Goods, Feeding Supplies, Skin Care, Bedding, Apparel, Medical Equipment, Health Supplement, Bath Goods, Powdered milk, baby food, bottled water for infants, eco-friendly foods, atopic foods, health supplements, clothing, bags, Cord Blood Bank, Fetal Insurance, Postpartum care, postpartum care, Baby furniture, agate decorating, Book publications, Educational materials, educational programs, Intelligent enlightenment toys, fancy goods, musical instruments, and Pregnancy, childbirth and child care information agencies, child care support center, online community, children's foundation, etc.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Daegu Baby & Kids Fair 2024

The exhibitors gather here from all across the globe will gather here to showcase a wide range of products and services such as various baby products and equipments, clothes and many more related products.



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