01 March 2024 Country: Japan

The Cabinet approved legislation that creates a new security clearance system for the handling of confidential information related to economic security.

01 March 2024 Country: USA

Michigan State University (MSU), a pioneer in transparent solar glass window panels, paved the way for the commercial installation of solar windows.

29 February 2024 Country: United Kingdom

Skyline Robotics has announced a partnership with Principle Cleaning Services that will bring the award-winning window cleaning Ozmo robot to the London skyline.

29 February 2024 Country: Germany

German food machinery manufacturer Handtmann, which recently unveiled a manufacturing innovation to create marbled and fat-layered meat alternatives in partnership with Planteneers, is set to showcase its latest innovations at Anuga FoodTec next month.

28 February 2024 Country: New Zealand

New Zealand opened its first hospital exclusively treating kiwi birds, and vets have already nursed the first patient back to health -- a chick nicknamed "Splash" that tumbled into a swimming pool.

28 February 2024 Country: United Kingdom

This new facility is dedicated to providing advanced training for professionals in the fire safety industry across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

26 February 2024 Country: USA

Companies tracking environmental, social and governance, or ESG, performance can now find more information for the life-cycle assessment of corrugated packaging.

26 February 2024 Country: Indonesia

If you’re a cake enthusiast or a dessert connoisseur, 2024 is your year to indulge.

23 February 2024 Country: USA

This doubles the processing power using the existing hardware already installed in these devices.

23 February 2024 Country: China

A plush toy named "Happy Loong" has recently captured the hearts of visitors to the Gansu Provincial Museum in northwest China.