Salon Bio & Construction - Strasbourg 2024

Salon Bio & Construction - Strasbourg 2024

25.10.2024 - 28.10.2024 Strasbourg, France, Parc des expositions de Strasbourg
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Category: Science & Research, The Science
Organizer: BIO COMPANY
Exhibition center: Parc des expositions de Strasbourg

Overview interest facts - Salon Bio & Construction - Strasbourg 2024

Salon Bio & Construction - Strasbourg features organic food, health, ecology, cooking, wicker, paintings, cardboard furniture, compost, cosmetics, psychotherapist and holistic therapy etc.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Salon Bio & Construction - Strasbourg 2024

Salon Bio and Construction Saine Strasbourg will feature a wide range of product exhibits from market leading brands such as pruning tools and gardening, treatment products organic seeds and plants, cakes, chocolate and confectioneries, a wide variety of gourmet wines, alternative health remedies acupuncture, Reiki, litho kinesiology, reflexology, pulsed magnetic field, cosmetics, hair removal, hair care products, jewelry, leather accessories and shoes, eco friendly options in building and constructions and more.


​Research team observes the processes of memory and cognition in real time

The human brain contains approximately 86 billion neurons and 600 trillion synapses that exchange signals between the neurons to help us control the various functions ...

22 January 2024
​Twisted magnets make brain-inspired computing more adaptable

A form of brain-inspired computing that exploits the intrinsic physical properties of a material to dramatically reduce energy use is now a step closer to reality, tha...

14 November 2023
Newly Created Super-res Microscopy Proves Ideal for Live Cell Imaging

Researchers have developed a fluorescence microscope that uses structured illumination for fast super-resolution imaging over a wide field of view.

23 August 2023
​Free Energy Principle Predicts Self-Organized Learning in Real Neurons

Researchers have shown that the self-organization of neurons during the learning process adheres to the mathematical free energy principle.

07 August 2023
Quantum materials will power the electronics of the future

A research group has designed new quantum materials that can control the dynamics of electrons by curving the fabric of space in which they evolve.

01 May 2023
​Scientists are One Step Closer to Quantum Internet

A team of researchers from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (Germany) has succeeded in generating photons with stable frequencies em...

19 April 2023
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