Saudi Rehab Expo 2024

Saudi Rehab Expo 2024

30.04.2024 - 02.05.2024 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC)
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Overview interest facts - Saudi Rehab Expo 2024

The Saudi International Exhibition for Disability and Rehabilitation Requirement is a great opportunity to display the latest innovations and technologies in the industry of rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Saudi Rehab Expo 2024

Moreover, this event emphasizes the role and responsibility the community has toward the needs of individuals with disabilities and their rights.

It also focuses on displaying the latest technology & equipment and innovative solutions and services to cover the requirements of people with disabilities It is expected that this event will witness the participation of 150 local and international exhibitors from all over the world and it is expected to welcome more than 12,000 visitors.


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